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Orlando, FL - The heavily favored Boca Raton High School
"Bobcats" varsity hockey team defeated the Seacrest "Seahawks"
varsity team 12-1 here last night at the Citrus Arena in Orlando,
central Florida.
Gilmour Tuttle,
all star center, led the Bobcats scoring with 9
goals (a triple hat trick), a feat never accomplished before in
Florida's rich history of scholastic hockey. Tuttle also set a
statewide record for penalties which resulted in thirty two minutes.
Coach Harry "Boom Boom" Benson was carried out of the arena
on the team's shoulders and paraded through downtown Orlando.
Asked what he had to say on behalf of the ecstatic hockey team,
"Good day, eh?" was uttered by Benson.
Asked what BRHS's Dean of Boys, Bruno Dario, had to say,  
"What a wonderful team effort, BUT, they still have to be at
school on time tomorrow morning, clean shaven, and, NO blue

This was a TRUE STORY...   NOT!
Boca Raton's Bobcats take State Hockey Title
Bobcats 1965 State Champs
Runners up in
1966 State
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Suncoast Conference
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