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From the Archives of Marjie Peak Shadid
Marjie Peak Shadid (Class of 1969) sent along these treasures ... some being posted now and many
more to be posted in the next week or two, so keep coming back.
Top left is Marjie's 16th birthday with a SLEW of Bobcat ladies ... identifed as Pam Burnett ('69),
Cindy Thernell
('70), Cathy Anderson ('69), Beth Frambach ('70), Linda Shipp ('69), Mary
('69), Cindy Bush ('69) and Joyce Young ('69).  Top right is Marjie with Ken Blair ('67).
Lower left APPEARS to be Cindy Bush ('69), Marjie, Cathy Anderson ('69) and Pam Burnett ('69).
Lower right is Marjie with Lee Bishop ('69).
Hollywood Connections
Don Heller (class of '71) and actor
Tobey Maguire ... Spiderman? This
was brought to my attention by the
J.C. Mitchell
Diane King (71) sent along
this class photo from the
J.C. Mitchel school taken
back during the 1963-64
school year (the 5th grade

See if you can recognize any
names on the roster!
Rick Shaw is Back!
Ray Deckard (class of '68) sent in
this GEM of a photo ... a
Rick Shaw doll for
those of you that remember him on
WQAM Miami!
Prom Night!
Denise Probst (1970) and
Mike Melvin (1970) attending
the prom at the Boca Raton
Hotel and Club.
The Averill Brothers ...
Rick Averill (class of '71) is seen here with
his two brothers
Keith (class of '75) and
Sammy (class of '79) back in 1969.
Surf Beach
Paul Avery, class of 1970, sent
along this photo of a bunch of
the guys at the beach ... you can
see who's there by reading the
list at the top of the photo. I'm
sure it's all condos  in that area
by now!
The Avery Bros.
Paul Avery sent this photo of the
Cloud Justus, circa 1971.
Steve Avery ('68),
Garry Geertsma ('70), and, of
Paul Avery ('70).
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