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Boca High is Changing!!
Larry Gray, BRHS class of 1972, is working on renovating the school. He was gracious enough
to send along some photos. He says he'll send more if and when they may become available.
Some of these photos will hit home.


From the north, looking south, in the new
parking lot looking at the school sign on left and
the new main office on right.
This is the new auditorium. It has theater
seating, overhead catwalk lighting and a large
stage. VERY NICE!
This is a bulletin board that Larry spotted in the
This is a picture inside the soon-to-be
demolished, original front office. Notice the
bobcat picture on the back wall.
This is looking east between the old office (on
left) and the 100 building (on right).
This is in the hallway, downstairs, looking east at
the 100 building.
Just something that Larry found in the hallway.
This was taken from the west landing, halfway
up the 100 building stairs.  It's looking west,
where the library used to be. It will be a 3-story
building for classrooms.
This is looking east, from the hallway, into the main
office. The building had been closed in, on the east end.
The picture that we have on the home page of this site
would have us looking from the other way. The deans
offices would have been on the left in this photo, and
the main office would have been on the right; the far
end would have been open (remember?). As soon as the
new buildings are complete, the offices and the 100 and
200 buildings will be demolished.
This is in the hallway, downstairs, looking east at the
100 building.
... again, thank you Larry
for a trip down memory
lane (or what's left of it!).

                      Gary the G.
Chillin' Out!
Jane Criswell (class of '67) and Diane
(class of '67) hangin' around on
a bench somewhere in sunny, Boca Raton!
Hollywood Connections
No, I haven't forgotten Hollywood
! Neither has Ray Deckard ('68).
He, being my scout, dug up a picture of
Wynona Rider and Jane Whorton (class of
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