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More From the 1968 Supplement
The SAC Fair is the title of this section. Someone will have to help me here. The only SAC
acronym I'm familiar with is the
Strategic Air Command, and these photos hardly fall under that
One can only wonder, by
looking at these photos, what
our alum did with their time!
I'm afraid I'd missed this one
when it took place, too. It
looks like everyone was having
a good time.
More Hollywood Connections!
I'd like to thank Sue "Zelda" Hodges (1968)
for pointing out to me that I resemble
(Dwayne Hickman). I have to poke fun
at myself, too, since I'm relentless with the
rest of you! Now, who can we find from
BRHS that resembles
Maynard G. Krebbs?

Thank you,
Zelda! I won't forget this!
More From the 1968 Supplement
The class of 1968's Student Government Day covered quite a broad spectrum of positions held
by city officials. Let's see if you can recognize a few classmates here.
It was comforting
to know that we
had such good
from Boca High. I
know I slept better!
More From the 1968 Supplement...
The BIG day at the Bibletown auditorium!
More Hollywood Connections!
Thanks again to Susan
for this one ...
Ray Parker (class of 1968)
Toby Ziegler (Richard
Schiff) of  Warner Bros.
West Wing.

Thanks Moneypenny!

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