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The 1968 Class Picnic
From the famed 1968 class supplement, here are some photos from the 1968 Class Picnic ...
wait a minute!
Where was I? Horses? Cake? I don't remember it! I musta been washing my
hair that day or something. Anyway, for those of you who did attend ... looks like a good time
was had by all.
More to come!
From the Archives of Ed Clark
Back in the olden days, Ed Clark (class of 1968) and Katya (Kathy) Vincent (with her little
) are shown in the two photos, upper left. Of course the two photos, upper right, are Ed's
senior picture and graduation picture.
Ranger Ed is now out West keeping Yogi and Boo-Boo in
line! Oh yes ... I detect a
Suzuki 80 ... I had the counterpart Honda 90! Those were bikes!
From the 1965 Leland Junior High School yearbook (Bethesda, MD), here are Chris Hamilton
9th grade; Gregg Garvin (1970), 7th grade; and Gary Garvin (1968), 9th grade. Gregg
and Gary moved down from Maryland for the fall of 1965 and Chris moved on to a boarding
school up in New England that year. Later on he came down to Boca High after a stint at St.
Andrews. We all look a little dinky here, don't we?  
Talk about small world. There is a picture of
Chris and Gary in the Photo Album from this last May.
The Leland Connection
From the 1968 Suppliment
Here are eight random
photos from the 1968
yearbook suppliment. Go
ahead ... have fun and see
how many people you can
name here!
...and More!
The class of 1968 made their mark!
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