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A Sort-of Hollywood Connection
Well, my son, Patrick, has always said I
look "grizzled," like the
From the archives of  Billy Clutter (1967)
A blast from the past!
1) Billy Clutter and Bobby Bozzone during the late '60s;   2) Jeff Sullivan with his favorite boss
(not!) at Jolly Burger in 1965 or 1966;   3) The Boca Boys ... Left to right, standing, Bill Clutter,
Tommy Miller, Mike Enders and John Brannigan. Laying down in the front, Brother Buck, Dave
.   4) Dave Clutter back in 1966;   5) Boot camp! From left to right, back in 1968, Henry
, Mike Enders, Ken Blair and Harry Herbold dangling from that bar!   6) Ken Blair and Billy
the night before Ken left for Vietnam.

Billy says that there's lot's more to come! THANKS!
Africa USA
Some of the star perforers back in 1953 when Africa USA first opened. To the
left, a tour boat's guide standing in the foreground while the artificial geyser is
spouting off in the background. I figure you can pretty much guess the rest of
the cast!
School's Out for Summer!
This photo was sent in by Diane St. Jean King
(class of 1971)
. It was taken on the last day of
school June 1969.

Back row:
Mary Jane Acquilano, Sue West, the
Karen Guterma and Barbara Huck.

Front row:
Gerri Schroeder, Chris Dumas and
Sue Porter.
Thanks Diane!
From the 1968 Suppliment
The above images were taken from the elusive 1968 suppliment that hardly
anyone from the class of 1968 received!

Upper left - Can you name any of the classmates? Please note that the "I" in
"High" and the "O" in "School" are missing ...
OK ... who's got 'em!

Upper right -
Four ladies that, it appears, are undergoing the famed "school's
out" ritual.
Maybe a potential Mandy Pepridge in the lot?

To the left -
Obviously the last day of school. Now why would I think that?
And, as my gut feeling goes, I would suspect the gentleman off in the
distance is
Steve Avery.
Some Familiar Sights!
These images were taken from ... I
figured it would be nice to see what some familiar places
look like today.
Top left - Boca Inlet; top-center - Deerfield
; top-right - Hillsboro Inlet; and lastly, to the right,
Port Everglades. My Navy lab has a facility at the South
Jetty at Port Everglades. Over the years, we've developed a
partnership with Florida universities. FAU has a building
there now.
If you have time to kill, go to MapQuest and check out your
neighborhood (from the sky).
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