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More from Ray Deckard
Ray Deckard ('68) sent in these four photos from his
Starting to the right and going clockwise,
Sue Hodges ('68) in English class (Sue must be well
versed in english ... this is her 3rd English class
, Ray, Steve and Pete doing the tug-of-war
Mr. Maxson (the greatest) teaching his History
class and the "unknown" alum sitting in Typing class
can anybody out there in Bobcat land ID him?
Good stuff, Ray!
Answer: Wayne Scott
Sue Hodges wins the
Bobcat Chia Pet!
The Hollywood Connection
Marjie Peak Shadid (class of 1969) and actress Stephanie Powers ... these were sent
in by
BobCub reporter Vickie Hewey Stamport (class of 1968) from Plano, Texas!
The Garvin Brothers
My late brother, Gregg Garvin (class of 1970), is to the left. This photo was taken back about 1975
when he was in the Army.
Gregg was stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco (Vetterman Army
Hospital) ... here he is on his favorite motorcycle ... the Triumph Bonneville. Over his shoulder and
to the left ...
Alcatraz! The center picture is of myself back around 1988 or 1989. I was aboard the
Navy research vessel
RSB-1 at Port Everglades on the south jetty. The upper right photo was taken
for work for our photo board at NSWC White Oak back about 1993 ...
no grays yet!
The Acorn and I
This photo was taken back during
the summer of 1975 for a monthly
publication called the Oak Leaf, an
employees newspaper at the White
Oak Laboratory, Silver Spring, MD.
I was doing the monthly cartoon
strip entitled Wolly Oak (a dweeby
pun on White Oak Lab). Wolly was
an inverted acorn ... shows you
what kind of material I had to deal
with! Dig the 'stache!
       The Garvinator
The Evolution of 1968's Ray Deckard
Left-to-right and down: Ray and his
new bride,
Tollie, in 1972; "Disco"
in LA back in 1975; Ray fishing
in New Jersey back in 1985;
visiting  in Maryland on business
state - that's where I'm from!)
back in
Ray and Tollie hosted three
members of the African Children's
Choir in 1996; and last but not least,
Ray atop the lighthouse in St.
Augustine, FL in 1998. For more
photos, go to Ray's Webshots
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