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More Boca Raton Today
Ray Deckard sent in these two recent photos of Boca. The picture on the left is a nice sunset shot
looking east at the
Boca inlet. The photo on the right is one of two water spouts that touched down in
Lake Boca. Ray figures that they must have come in over South Beach. Keep 'm coming, Ray ...
After a Decade ...
I thought that it would be interesting to show students at
Boca High during the 1977 school year.
Kathie Halko
and Stefanie Gilbert (both class of 1977)
perched atop the school's sign.
Kathie was an attendee at
our recent reunion at Beech Mountain, NC.
More Motorcycles
Ray Deckard and Jorge Delgado (both class of 1968) shown on their Suzuki 80s during
the summer of 1965
(above left). Ray and his prized BSA 650 back in 1976 (above right).
Get your motor running ... born to be wild!
More from Ray's Archives
Ray Deckard sent a few more photos
from his collection.
To the left is Tom
(68) making observations of
Surfer's Beach.
To the right are
Benson and Bennett walking
towards the
science building. In the
background, the
library is to the right
and the
home economics building is to
the left.
Another Gem from Ray
Ray Deckard - keep these great
pictures coming. (picture him
digging thru boxes of real old
Joi Leapline Pack (68)
holding a craft doll. Wonder what
craft event or art class it was
from? Anyway- isn't she
Navy Daze!
Whilst you all were sleeping snug in your beds, I was on duty
making all that possible (cough-cough!). The first photo,
, I'm sitting on my bunk in the barracks (spring, 1970) at
Great Lakes Naval Training Center, IL ... with my guitar. A
man's always got to have his guitar with him! Please note the
overhead bunks ... one always had to lay low. I ended up with a
few knots on my head ... probably still have 'em!
The picture to the right was taken by a friend of mine entering
the main gate at
St. Albans Naval Hospital, NY. For the last
six months of my tour, I was the Sgt. of the Guard for my
section for base security (spring, 1973). The focal point was
my Smith and Wesson Military Special (.38 cal) revolver. It
was kind of a Barney Fife pistol ... the bullets were so old, I
had my doubts if they would function if need be.
Yup! I bet you all really felt safe with me at the helm!
This photo was taken at
Great Lakes NTC during the
summer of 1970. One
weekend, when I was
standing watch, I found a
Maryland flag in the storage
locker. No other flags ... just
MD. Anyway, after
modifying my sailor's hat, and
holding up a bottle of
"torpedo juice", I struck my
"Statue of Liberty" pose.
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