Nostalgia City
Do you remember...
...the hangouts, most of which have been replaced by yogurt bars, condos or
some other necessary millenial, yuppie establishment(s)? Let's show everyone
what Boca used to look like!
Send in your photos and we'll get a look at what
life was all about back then!
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to submit
your memories!
Sock Hops in the cafeteria... Fall 1966
Deerfield, yes, but a
hangout none-the-less!
Want to see something
R-E-A-L-L-Y Scary?
Many fine pinball machines were here!
Yeah,... but I want that microbus!
Royal Castle
Maryland Fried Chicken
Dobb's House
Corky's Pizza
Boca Raton Surf Shop
A certain Jean K.
at South Beach, perhaps?
Who knows the
mystery singer?
Rick Shaw and
Roby Young at a
Bobcats pep rally.
The school parking lot ..
one of these your car?
Class of '67
left their mark!
Mike says hi!