The Seagoing Lass
Sue Hodges (class of 1968) spends some of her time restoring her Mariner. Given to her in 1994,
the boat sat idle for 17 years previously. When complete, it will be the original blue-on-blue, with white
cockpit and cabin, the companionway with replacement canvas and the v-berth will have new cushions.
Starting above and moving clockwise: Down the ramp; putting in the plug; first full time
launch; and first sail.
Click HERE to go to the Mariner site and see what the boat will look like when complete.
Water Activities
Sailing, surfing, diving, skiing, rafting, kayaking... there's a lot of water on this
planet. Are you sitting on that surfboard, waiting for the perfect wave, or perharps
you're sailing into the sunset, maybe rafting in white water?...
Share your
experiences with us!
RONNIE COOK - Class of 1968
Ron likes to spend time in the gulf snorkeling and SCUBA diving
(occasionally wrestling dogs and scallops)
Another Water Baby-
This is
Caroline "Cookie" Tylander
(Class of 68)- who LOVES
her boat "GATOR", a 22' Angler...skiing,
 fishing, diving, and everything that has to
do with the water! She is holding a
trophy she got in a JayCee's fishing
tournament! She and her husband Ron
spend EVERY SPARE minute on that
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