So many ways to get out there and enjoy working up a sweat!
My main passion is horseback
in as rugged terrain as I
can, for as long as I can! Also
hiking in the mountains, and
bicycling. My roller-bladin'
days sort of came to an end
after my second hip replacement
earlier this year. And if
bird-watching is a sport, then
add that, too!

Kathy Chenoweth Huber
K   a   t   h   y      C   h   e   n   o   w   e   t   h      H   u   b   e   r
A Dedicated Rider
42 layers of clothing, 42 below zero ...
Kathy and Sinbad are taking a breather on
top of a snowy hill this winter (2001).
uncovered her face just long enough to smile
for the camera.
Ellen Wymbs Romano
Class of 71

And in her own words:
"The pic is a neat trail pic, and why we love the trails! It's an
obstacle course, and the woods are beautiful, the trails smell
fresh, the soul is free out there! I find it uplifting, a good
workout, and yes, we run, we walk, we talk, we eat...this one
took me nearly 7 hours to finish the 31 miles....way off my
normal times of under 6 hours! But I enjoyed myself immensely.
This pic is in Cool, CA, 3/10/01"

Ellen runs year-round in some really really challenging  
races.....her husband often runs with her. Hey- these Bobcats are
R U  N  N  I  N  G     W O  M  A  N
O   L   D       T   I   M   E       H   O   C   K   E   Y
"Aaaah... the smell
of frozen water in
the air... smells like
Ice hockey has ALWAYS been a passion of mine. Prior to moving to Boca, pond hockey
was always an event during the winters up here in Maryland. After leaving the Navy, I decided
to dive in and start playing organized hockey
(back in 1974). Coaching high school hockey from
1994-97 was another element I had experienced, although I must say I prefer action on the ice.
In recent years, on and off, I was an assistant hockey instructor with
Nelson Burton, formerly
of the NHL's
Washington Capitals.

Today, as with many years in the past, I play an average of 120-130 organized games a year (a
tad more than the pros) and occasionally, I'm given the honor and privilage of playing hockey on
the local chapter of the
Senior Olympics hockey team during local tournaments. Keep your
stick on the ice!
                                                         Gary Garvin - aka Gilmour Tuttle (Class of 1968)
Photos: Left, taken back in
to the right, taken back
in 1976 at Columbia, MD, and
far right, taken recently near
Annapolis at Piney Orchard
Ice Arena.
Old time hockey: Left, showing the days
before helmets and also showing the
original goalie's "Jason" mask!
That is goin'
back a ways!
This is the Silver Medal my team, the
Maryland Crew, won at the Maryland
Senior Olympics
held at The Gardens Ice
Palace in Laurel, MD (3/1/01). A team
visiting from upstate NY, the
Gray Wolves,
won the Gold.