Alumni who dedicate their time to spiritual fulfillment.
Chuck Hill - Class of 1969
It's a beautiful old church isn't it? It was built in 1870 by
freed slaves whose descendants have gone on to larger
churches on the west side of town. For the past twenty years
it has been a Unitarian church. For eight years it has been my
church. It is a place of ideas and words and music and art.

On the right side of the picture is a sassafras tree that I planted
on the day of my son's naming ceremony. The tree is growing
tall and strong, with roots which reach deep into the dark
Alabama earth. That little sassafras is a metaphor for how I
want my son's life and my own life -- to be.

The church is the center of our family's community, caring
and committed people who have joined together in our spiritual
journeys. We are rational, yet spiritual. We are actively involved
in public expressions of our shared faith: in support of liberal
political and social causes.

Together we seek, along paths as varied as we are. Within
ourselves we find.

Come visit our church on the internet, and be
sure to look at Ethan's square in the church's story quilt