T  h  e     U  .  S  .     C  i  v  i  l     W  a  r
Top left: David taking aim with his
Springfield musket. David and I both have a
habit of making that musket round just a
little bit heavy with black powder ... to give
it a little more punch!

Top right: The boys out in the field.

Middle right: A typical campsite scene.

Bottom right: A parade in Silverhill, AL
(September 2002). To the left is Renee,
center is David, and to the right is his wife,
David Patterson (class of 1970),
his wife
Debbie, and his sister
Renee Forsman (married to Tom
, class of 1971) all
participate in living history. David
belongs to both the 25th North
Carolina and the 14th Iowa ... the
guy gets around. Debbie and
David's sister, Renee, do
impressions of LOVELY civilian
ladies. If the reenactment at
Gettysburg, PA, is to be held this
summer (2003), David and Debbie
will be there!
David Patterson - Class of 1970
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