A 20th century wedding
in 1850's attire.
The Battle of
Long Cane,
Troy, SC
(October 1992)
200th Anniversary Battle of
(October 1981)
Susan being persued by the
commander of the
David Fanning's Loyalist Militia
at the British Allumination
(December, 1989)
200th Anniversary of the
Evacuation of Loyalist Troops
from Charleston, SC
(November, 1983)
Her kitchen at the
Ninety Six Battleground
(April, 1992)
Relaxing at a
Revolutionary War
Days event at
Ninety Six, SC
(April, 1999)
Susan Hodges
the living historian!
Susan (class of 1968) has been very active in the hobby of Revolutionary War reenactment
for many years. It's obvious she plays the parts well and is very convincing.
Here are some photos
displaying her craft.
Some of our fellow students have stepped back in time. From the Revolutionary
to the U.S. Civil War, BRHS almni relive many historic events and
experience the daily life and hardships of civilians and soldiers alike.
T  h  e     U  .  S  .     C  i  v  i  l     W  a  r
Wil Gibson
the living historian!
Wil (class of 1970) is active in the hobby of Civil War reenactment not only with a
Confederate Texas Cavalry unit, but also dons the "Union blue" on occasion.
T h e    R e v o l u t i o n a r y    W a r
Above left: Wil in a skirmish, fighting along side of his 11th Texas
Cavalry Regiment
, center: a CSA (Confederate) cavalry officer
talking with the troops, and
right: as a Union officer.
Wil also has a remarkable Civil War web site, and I highly recommend you
check it out by clicking the button to the right!
T  h  e     S  p  a  n  i  s  h     A  m  e  r  i  c  a  n     W  a  r
Above left: Wil as a Rough Rider, left-center: as a New York 71st Volunteer,
right-center: as Teddy Roosevelt, and far right: as a Spanish soldier with actor Tom Berringer.