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Looking for the GOLD!
Mark Gallant (class of 1968) likes spending the
summer months prospecting for
gold in some of
the North Georgia streams.
"This is a 5 inch Triple Sluice Gold Dredge
made by
Keene Engineering of Calif. with this, I
pull (suck) gold off of the bottoms of rivers and
streams in NE Georgia. A dredge is likened to an
underwater Vacuum cleaner. It has an oilless air
compressor hooked to an air line that is attached
to my regulator on my face mask. you can often
see these dredges sucking golf balls out of water
traps on golf courses."
Mark Gallant
And during the winter when it's too
cold to go for the
Mark crafts a unique selection of
walking sticks.
Given to a VA Chaplain for use during a  
Scottish Gathering in Atlanta, the
pictured work became their "
Cromach". It
has the
Cameron Crest and the Scottish
at the top (which were craftted by
the lady in the photo -
above-center). To
the right
, MANY of Mark's creations!
Chuck Stanley - Auto Racing Enthusiast
It's obvious that Chuck ('71) is deep int auto racing... his own words:

The first picture (lower left) is a 1991 vintage shot of my Beach 5C Formula Vee, with me
personally racing at the Tom Neil SCCA National in Savannah, Georgia. As a Formula
Vee in SCCA racing, Beach was the second official car builder in the class dating back to
1963. My Beach, which I still own, is a 1965 Beach 5C, a historic racing car in today's
world. The second picture
(lower right) is also of a vintage nature going back to 1985 at
the SCCA National Runoffs. I am currently the Flagging and Communications Chief for the
North Carolina Region of SCCA with our home track being Virginia International
Raceway, just outside of Danville, Va. This historic track was first raced in the late fifties
until 1974. It was then reborn as a race track in 2000 after being a dairy farm for almost 25
years. Except for grey in my beard today,  this picture represents a likeness to me that is
representative of what I do at the race tracks for SCCA, CART, NASCAR ( Sears Point
and the Glen), ALMS (formally IMSA ) and anyone else who needs professional, qualified
SCCA workers to wave flags, communicate over radios and emergency response.
Ed Clark's New Baby!
Class of 1968 - Ed and his brand new
2001 Indian. He says it's perfect for
desert ridin' down Route 66 in
Arizona. Wait a minute.
Ed, let me
grab my helmet!