Sawdust, glue, Binford tools, routers, Elmer's, awls, rasps, circular saws, glue
guns, nail guns, clamps, drills, brads, varnish, sandpaper...
the list goes on! Who
out there rivals Bob Villa and Norm, Martha Stewart, and the likes?
In proud tradition, Sue Hodges has recreated a "blanket box". These were used not only to store
blankets and clothing, but they also contained a hidden "safe" (compartment) to hide valuables.
Combining two designs, and the pattern for the ends being traced from a piece having been in her
family for over 50 years, here we see the completion of the project.
Sue... what don't you do?
Vickie Hewey Stamport
(Class of 1968) is as handy with
ICING as she is with jigsaws, wood,
and paint and other woodworking
tools! I know her house will be easy to
spot if I drive by at Easter! She has
some big Christmas projects
underway, too. She made the cake for
her daughter's wedding this Fall (2001)
Vickie just sent these in. Images (below) of her Christmas 2001
decorations. You'd better keep
Clark Griswold away from