The Arts...
Canvas, oils, acrylics, theater, music, dance, poetry, sculpting, photography,
electronic art, pottery, and
all others... who out there dabbles in these areas?
Do we have any hidden Rembrandt's, Ansel Adams', any budding stars?
Computers and Photo Editing
Although not "fine arts" by any means, raster editing on a computer
keeps me out of trouble... and it is something I really enjoy. The
samples above are some of the many  items I've rendered for the
B&O Railroad Station Museum in Ellicott City, MD. The images
were originally photos I shot, scanned and then digitally reworked to
resemble watercolors. They are then printed on watercolor stock,
fixed, matted and sold in the station's gift shop to help raise funds for
the organization.
Gary Garvin (Class of 1968)
The oldest railroad station
in America!
Bluegrass and Me!
Well I guess I'll have to find some pictures- I have
stayed active in all kinds of music/show biz non-stop
since Boca High. Right now I'm playing with a few
Bluegrass bands here in the beautiful Smoky
Mountains of Tennessee.... plus, like Gary, I'm a
graphic artist, and also do antique photo restoration
freelancing. I wouldn't be any kind of artist without a
computer, though!
Kathy Chenoweth Huber (Class of 1968)
Guess I've been a busy guy over the years. Music is another interest of
mine. Got my first guitar during the Christmas of 1963 and it's been
chaotic ever since.

Prior to moving to
Boca, I played in a few bands up here in Maryland as
a rhythm guitarist. I made the transition to bass guitar when I joined up
with the
Things of Our Generation during our sophomore year at
BRHS. Since then, I have played in just about every type of band
imaginable as either lead, rhythm or bass guitarist. And yes, that means
I've played in a wedding band, too! I have slowed down as far as the
night club scene goes, but on occasion, a bunch of us dinosaurs get
together at the local pub and jam the night away. That, of course, doesn't
mean I don't pick up a guitar, or bass, almost every day and knock off a
few tunes.
Rock on!

                                                             Gary Garvin (Class of 1968)
R O C K   A N D   R O L L !
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Below: One of my first, serious attempts at raster editing on a
Xerox 6085 using the XPIW raster editor. This rendering was not
done in grayscale, but was actually done in 300 dpi using custom
made brushes constructed from pixels. The project took 110 hours
and I won a raster editing competition with this piece back in 1995.
This was a poster I had done for an
Earth Day expo back in 1998.
Smooooth Jazz Vocalist
Marjie Peak Shadid (69) sings with a jazz band in and
around Oklahoma City. Check out her
"Marjie By Request"
web site, which soon will have a sound clip of our Marjie for
us to hear! I knew when I heard her belt out "Chop Suey" in
our 1968 performance of "Flower Drum Song" that she would
go places!!!!!