They helped to make us what we are today...
Mr. James Kitchen (Science) and his
new wife
Photo taken during the summer of 1999
Contact Jill Kitchen (70) for his address!
Mr. Phillip Mallon (History & English) and
Kathy Chenoweth Huber (1968)
Photo taken a few years ago
Contact Kathy for Phil's address.
Phil wrote Kathy 8/00 saying he has
visited the site on his daughter's pc,
and just loves it!
Mr. Howard Thain (Languages)
has been in touch recently with
Holly Barton '66! He's well,
spending the Summer in England,
and working on another degree in
Music at the Royal Schools of
He would LOVE to hear
from former students
- write him
(in any language!) Holly Barton
(66) can give you his address!
Mrs. Natalie Osborne (Art) has
been in touch recently with Holly
Barton '66! Mrs. O is going online
soon--- maybe the first faculty
member to "come to the reunion"
Mrs. Osborne is currently Art
History teacher and a
at the Harid
Mrs. Jane Durrell (Business),
retired from teaching at Boca High in
1990 and enjoying her retirement in
Boca. She's pictured here with
Diane St. Jean King (class of 71)
Mr. Ken Higgins (History) shown
somewhere in the late 1970s teaching at
Boca High. Of course, Ken was also a
graduate of BRHS (class of 1968).
Hopefully, we can snag his "official"
faculty/yearbook photo...
small world, huh?
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BRHS Students Who
Became Faculty
Mr. Bryce King (Special Ed) , a graduate
of the class of 1970,  spearheaded peer
counseling groups and also ruled as
"warden" of the in-house suspension
program. He is also credited for initiating
the soccer program in 1979 ,,, and he was
named all-county soccer coach by the
Sun-Sentinel in 1981. Bryce, and his wife
Noreen (Pumphrey King - class of 1972)
are currently missionaries in Mexico. One
of their upcoming projects is to build a new
high school, utilizing, of course, blue and
gold as the school's colors!
Mr. Roy Howell
The 1966 BRHS yearbook
was dedicated to
Mr. Howell
... the beloved math teacher
was a real hit with all of the
students and he opened many
eyes to education.
now resides in the
"city of brotherly love" ...
I'm sure he'd like
to hear from you, just
Patricia Eggleton Szrejter (class of 1968)
was the
first BRHS student, ever, to return
as a teacher. She taught
Home Economics.
Now, she's teaching
Internet Research at a
magnet middle school in West Palm Beach.
Pat sounds like a dedicated teacher to me!
Vivian Randon
(Faculty - music)
was recently in touch with
Mrs. Randon
recently moved from
Ocala, FL, to
Pennsylvania. You can
write her by clicking