FYI and Troubleshooting!
Hey, what's going on here?
Whoaaa! The pictures aren't coming up?
Some of the photos only show up as boxes
with a little red X.
What's going on?

On occasion, the Geocities server runs into what
I like to call networking voodoo! Some of the
pictures don't load. This is usually a result of the
server handling too much traffic, or experiencing
network of software problems, or all of the
above. In order to get around this problem when
surfing, there is one way to sidestep the issue.

After the page loads, click the BACK ARROW on
your browser tool bar (usually upper left). Then,
after a short moment, click the FORWARD
ARROW. Generally, this will bring you right
back to the page you wanted to view and ALL of
the photos should paint up.

It's not the cure, but it'll do during the hard
Uh-Oh! I try to go to this site and a totally
different site comes up, or, I get a message
saying that this page doesn't exist.
going on?

Recently, on two occasions, the Geocities
servers had experienced some serious
networking problems, temporarily shutting them
down. This then will cause the bogus links and
error messages.

Both times, they were
temporary situations and
problems were resolved within a few hours. So
be patient, we'll be back.

When these problems do occur, I am constantly
monitoring the Geocities status page for updates.

Have no fear, our site isn't going
UPDATE 3-31-02!

During the installation of new software at Geocities, and during the time it was
being done, any pages that I had edited and saved were rendered useless because
the links were disabled. This would include the home page. I know this has been
frustrating, but now there's light at the end of the tunnel.

I have just completed mending the home page, so you can start surfing again.
However, it's really SLOW going, because the editing software is PAINFULLY
crawling along while I'm fixing things. There's still work to do on three or four
other pages, so be patient if you find some dead links, and by all means, please
let me know about them so that I can fix them. I'm at

All is not perfect yet. For example, until everything's fixed, I can't link actual
photos. You'll see that the latest entry in New Arrivals, Debra Kelly, that her
photo will not link you to her yearbook photo as with the others. They still work.
When all is repaired from Geocities side, I'll go back and take care of the loose

Thank you all for your patience and your participation with the site. You are not
taken for granted.

Happy Easter!