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Any Tap-heads" out there?
Rock & roll!

Today, we'll look at the world's loudest rock band, Spinal Tap.

Back in the eighties,
Rob Reiner directed a cult, rock parody
called "
This is Spinal Tap." It was a documentary on the
fictitious rock group
Spinal Tap. Spawning from the British
skiffle group, the
Thamesmen, they transformed into the
super group, stumbling all the way. Murphy's law was
probably written by
Tap. They're a comedy of errors and they
leave you rolling and laughing all the way.

The Players:

Derek Smalls
Played by Harry Shearer of Saturday Night Live fame and
also a voice on the Simpsons, he plays bass. He's that patsy of
the group. He's the lovable puppy dog.

Nigel Tufnel
Played by Christopher Guest, again of SNL fame and
recently featured in the movie Best of Show, is the lead
guitarist. He's a spitting image of Jeff Beck. Especially the
emotional part of Beck.

David St. Hubbins
Played by Michael McKean of Laverne and Shirley fame, SNL
and a host of other movies, is the lead singer and rhythm
guitarist. Like the Beatles and Yoko Ono, he is their counterpart
with his girlfriend Jeanine.

Nothing ever comes easy for
Spinal Tap. They lose their way
to the stage in Cleveland, their record signing is a flop, the
shows start at places like Madison Square Garden, and by the
end of their tour, they're playing at theme parks and Air Force
bases. On one appearance, they were doing their infamous
"Stonehenge" set. Actually, it was pretty cool. Very Jethro
Tullish. But when their 18 foot model of Stonehenge descends
from the rafters, their eyes pop out when 18 feet turned out to
be 18 inches. It goes on! Nothing goes smooth for these guys.

Their music is actually VERY good, and it is performed by the
three actors in reality. They even have live concerts. Now, for
the titles of their songs, and the lyrics, that's where the
laughter comes in. Such classics as Big Bottom, Listen to the
Flower People, Bitch School (about a training school for
female dogs), Hell Hole and Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You to
name a few. And while you watch the movie, you'll see a little
bit of many different "real life" groups in them and their style.
Led Zeppelin, the Who, Jethro Tull, the Beatles, Beck, well,
there are just too many similarities to mention. But they're there.

Spinal Tap has two CDs on the market and they're both
GREAT! Trust me. The first album,
Smell the Glove (their
"black" album) is the sound track for This is Spinal Tap. Later
on, they released
Break Like the Wind. The latter features
guest appearances by Cher, Beck and a host of others. Go out
and buy them. They're hot!

You can check out their website at
www.spinaltap.com and
there are free, downloadable MP3 and DVD files. Even the
intro too the website is outrageous.
Check it out.

Dr. Rock, with the help of the French, Olympic figure skating
judge, give them a definite

Remember! Go rent This is Spinal Tap. You won't be
Spinal Tap from their Break Like the Wind
Tap, clowning around in the dressing room.
Their manager sits in the background.
The Thamesmen, today, playing in concert.
"It goes to eleven!"
Nigel Tufnel
St. Hubbins