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When I first heard the Red Elvises, I
"Who in the world are these
wild and crazy guys?"
Well, they are
a Siberian rock group with the unique
West Coast sound interlaced with
eastern European overtones. Sounds
like an impossible combination, but
not really. They pull it off. And
they're pretty funny, too.

 Listen to the "Red Elvises Live -
Your Favorite Band" (a two-CD set),
and I'm sure you'll be engulfed with
the energy, comedy and
showmanship they have to offer.

Oleg Bernov, their bassist, sports a
crimson head of hair (no
exaggeration) and is known for his
enormous, red, triangular-shaped,
three string bass. And can he  play
that thing. I sometimes get this feeling
I'm looking at a Russian John Cleese.
Oh did I forget? He also plays the
drums for the group the majority of
the time. And again, what talent.

Igor Yuzov, "the Elvis guy," plays
bass while
Oleg is on drums. Igor
beats the drums when
Oleg plays
Getting confused yet? It gets
better ... lead guitarist,
, will hit the skins on a
few songs while
Igor takes over on
lead in his place. Back to
Igor ... he
has that droopy Elvis lip, the Elvis
stare and of course, does the
Elvis-pelvis thing.
He makes the
ladies swoon.

 Zhenya Kolykhanov, lead guitar,
smokes the joint. This guy is good.
He's a natural. He dazzles!
Vocals? All of them! Igor is the crooner, Oleg with the
deep-rooted European sound and Zhenya with his smooth
jazz/rock-a-billy-like style.

 The Red Elvises, for some reason, don't make it over to the
eastern seaboard that much, so I had to drive two-and-a-half
hours to Richmond, VA to see them.
Steve Beard and Bill
(both from the class of 1968) have seen them in
Steve thought they rocked. For me, it was really
worth the trek.

 You ought to check out their web site at
www.redelvises.com and surf around a bit.. Download
some MP3 files ... I recommend "Love Pipe" and maybe
"Wild Man" for a start. If you decide to buy on of their CDs,
try the above mentioned "Red Elvises Live."

 You can also see the Red Elvises in the movie "Six String

 Good stuff.

Party on, Garth!
Talking with Oleg
prior to the concert in
Richmond, VA.
The Red Elvises fan club magazine has graciously
added our link to their site. In return, I'd like to add
their link to our site for those of you who have yet to
sample  the red experience ... it's well worth the
journey ... Click
Oleg tossed a broken drum stick out to the crowd and I caught it. The
lady next to me was saddened when she didn't catch it, so I handed it to
Oleg then tossed me a "less" broken drum stick. He's a cool guy!