Linda R. Slinker
Marvin L. Stevens
Wendy Suffern
Thomas W. Sullivan
Mamie H. Sumicz
Frederic E. Summers
Hallie F. Tager
Martin E. Tischler
Melodee Tolman
Douglas L. Trettien
Thomas H. Trettien
Michael W. Trocko
Richard G. Ungarathen
Maurice J. Vaillancourt, Jr.
Patricia VanHorn
Janis E. Vincent
Michelle L. Wahl
Howard I. Wall
Brenda J. Whisman
Brian Whitehouse
Frederick T. Wilson
Susan A. Wolff
Carol L. Zeiner
Not Pictured:

Kim A. Delaney
Jack DePrima
Norman E. Edwards
Daniel Gall III
James R. Jackson
John K. Jones
Linda G. McCoy
Alonzo M. Moore III
Not Pictured in the 1968 Yearbook. Photos aquired from the
1966 and 1967 Yearbooks.
Dennis Anderson
Deborah A. Dumas
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