As you go through life, you meet many people and become friends. But then things change or
you move away. Initially, you call these friends frequently and send letters and cards. Over
time, the communication dwindles and eventually you lose touch.

There are a few friends that you never  lose track of. You might not speak  to them daily or
even monthly. But  they are in your heart and even if you meet or speak only occasionally, you
 think of them all the time.

Scott Graham was a friend of mine that fits into the second category. I met him in high
school. We went to the University of Florida together. We spent a lot of time together when I  
lived in Boca  Raton after graduating. I loved him deeply. As one of his friends said in the Palm
 Beach Post Guest Book, he was a soul mate.

Scott  constantly made me laugh. He had a wonderful and dry sense of humor. We did lots of
fun things that we could have gotten into trouble for, but we were  lucky to avoid "trouble."

Scott and I had common interests (many of  them not the kind you get in trouble for). For
example, we drove around Palm Beach County  together looking at beautiful examples of
architecture. We visited museums and went to musical  and other cultural events.

Even though he had a wry demeanor, Scott was a very sensitive and caring person. I could
always share my deepest, private thoughts with him. He might joke  about them, but I knew he
cared and empathized with me.

Scott suffered a cruel death. No one deserves to be a victim of that  kind of atrocity,
especially a gentle person like Scott. I hope justice prevails.

There's a hole in my heart now  that will always remain. I'll  always miss my buddy, but I
know he's gone on to the place God intended for all believers and good people.

Chris Huopana  Weatherly
Scott Graham
Class of 1971
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