"Rather than mourn the absence of the flame,
let us celebrate how brightly it burned."
Drew Scalzi
Class of 1970
Debra Lynn Kelly
Class of 1969

Debra Lynn Kelly, "Debbie," passed away at the age of 55 in her daughter's home in Atlanta, GA.
Debbie was born May 2, 1951 in Mitchell, SD and lived her childhood years in Chamberlain. She
was the daughter of Richard and Virginia Kelly and the youngest of four sisters. Her family moved to
Florida during her high school years where she resided most of her life. Debbie worked hard all of
her life and touched many lives along the way. She struggled through her share of hardships but
always persevered through inner strength, dignity, and the strong bond of her family. Debbie was
very adored by her entire family and all of her friends. She will be desperately missed by all who
knew and therefore loved her. She is survived by her daughters, Ginny Marshall of Orlando and Erin
Prevatt of Atlanta, GA; sisters, Mickey Bumbaugh of Kingwood, TX, and Peggy Crider of Orlando;
and the newest and greatest joy of her life, granddaughter Mallory Rosen of Atlanta, GA.

Debbie was diagnosed in October 2006 with terminal brain cancer. She endured surgery, radiation,
and chemotherapy treatments, only to learn that there were no more interventions possible and to
enjoy her remaining life to the fullest. She traveled to Hawaii, a life long dream of hers and she spent
her final weeks and days being visited and surrounded by loving family and friends. Debbie was
greeted into heaven by her parents and older sister, Barbara Kelly on March 17, 2007.

Some Words from Colleen to Deb ...
Although Debby and I knew each other at Boca High, we didn't really become friends until 2003
when she traveled from her home in Orlando to my home in Ocala for one of my parties with other
friends from school. Deb really hadn't changed much, she still had that fabulous smile that I
remembered so well. We stayed in touch that year and decided that we would become roommates.
Deb moved into my home and from that moment on, it was as if we were propelled back into those
good old carefree days of our youth. We shared laughter, tears, dancing around the living room as
well as many glorious days pulling weeds in the yard. Debby got a job working at a horse farm
across from my restaurant. She would come in for lunch and we would share our day's experiences
with each other as well as all of the friends she easily made during the short time she was in Ocala. I
remember one very funny story when Debby went to bring in a particularly stubborn young colt
back into his stall. He decided he didn't want to leave the pasture but she was determined to do her
job, so she hung on to him and went for a scary ride across the field, feet never really touching the
ground but never letting go. She said it was one of the best times she ever had.

When Deb decided to move to Georgia to be closer to her daughter, I knew it was the best thing for
her, but I also knew I would miss her terribly. I can't tell you the pain I felt when I heard she passed
away I ... will miss her.

So my Dear friend Debby,  "Until We Meet Again ... I love you,"

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