"Rather than mourn the absence of the flame,
let us celebrate how brightly it burned."
Carol Strimbu
Donna MacIntosh
Carol Strimbu  & Donna Ulack MacIntosh
Class of 1967

Remembering Carol Strimbu Wing and Donna Ulack MacIntosh will always leave me with fond
memories. They were best of friends, soul mates, I am sure like sisters to each other. They were
both waitresses at the Dutch Pantry Restaurant in the Fifth Avenue Shopping Center in Boca.
There was a group of us BRHS students who worked there throughout the years. I can still
remember the uniforms the girls had to wear; white with blue trimmed collars and sleeves! I worked
as a cook there during that time and we became good friends.

One Saturday night after working a full shift, Carol mentioned to me that she really wanted to go to
Gainesville to see her boyfriend Steve Wing (who later became her husband). She didn't have the
means to get there and was going to take a bus. Out of a clear blue sky I said "I'll take you!". She
asked "Are you sure?" and I said "What the heck!" - as long as she could help me with gas. We
filled up the 59 Chrysler (Red Fox I) and started North on the turnpike arriving some five or six
hours later. Dropping Carol off, I started my return trip back to Boca. Not having quite enough
money for gas on the trip home, I had to wire my mother from Kissimmee to send me gas money
to get home. By the time I returned to Boca I had a $20 speeding ticket, and I was falling asleep at
the wheel. Carol was the kind of friend you'd do anything for. I felt she was a very special kind of
spirit, Donna Ulack also. Both maybe ahead of their time- I don't know. Both two wonderful,
soft-spoken girls I'm glad I had the chance to spend time with.

After returning to Boca in the summer of 69 I was hanging out and living at my sister's house. In
1970 sometime she pointed out an obituary in the Boca News and thought I'd known this girl. Sure
enough I did, and it was Carol Strimbu. She is a person I will never forget and haven't in all these
years. She was a dear friend.

Chuck  (Ray) Parker - Class of 68
Carlos Delgado
Class of 1968

Carlos Delgado was my buddy who played basketball with Rusty, Terry, Jerry Gary, and the
rest of Coach Bennett's JV team. We were awesome as a team. Carlos and George Delgado came
with their parents from Cuba in the late 50's- early 60's. They were pals who we hung out with,
partying at the UD off A1A, etc. Carlos and Linda Shipp were boyfriend & girlfriend for some
time in those days. Carlos bought my 59 Chrysler (Red Fox I) when I joined the Service. Paid me
$75.00 for it- a fair price!  Carlos was a dear friend whom we all shared good times with.

Chuck (Ray) Parker- Class of 68
Dave Scanlon
Class of 1968

Dave Scanlon, a best buddy I was fortunate to know for many years. We skipped school  
together at JC Mitchell 7th grade, just to hang out in some vacant lot all day so that we wouldn't
get seen by anyone who'd realize we should have been in school!

Dave and his wife Lori came to California in 1973 and brought their son with them to be
christened. They visited, we rode horses, we had fun. They left to go back to Florida and we lost
contact. Some years later I heard Dave had passed away- it broke my hear, it still does!

Chuck (Ray) Parker- Class of 68
Bruce Jenkins
Class of 1968

Bruce Jenkins- one of the Jenkins Brothers-- the youngest I think. We were in Art Class
together. I remember him singing "My Girl" one time....and it sounded great!

Chuck (Ray) Parker- Class of 68
Michael W. McDermott
Class of 1971

I remember when Mike was involved in a motorcycle accident during the latter part of my senior
year (1968). I didn't see much of his brother, Pat, just after the accident, but we all sensed the
worse was over and Mike would be OK. To this day, I remember the P.A. announcement a few
weeks later when it was announced the he had died as a result of complications ... pneumonia.
Life can be so cruel at times.
Rest in peace, Michael.

Gary Garvin - Class of 68
Bill Williams
Class of 1968

Unfortunately, Bill passed away during May, 2007.

Bill was one of the first people to take me under his wing when I first moved to Boca. I remember
going over to his house to play guitars. His uncle had given him a Fender Concert Amp (wish I
had an uncle like that), so Bill and I used to make a lot of noise through it.

Bill was also a
Vietnam veteran and was awarded the Purple Heart. He will be missed.

Gary Garvin - Class of '68
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