"Rather than mourn the absence of the flame,
let us celebrate how brightly it burned."
Gregg Garvin
Class of 1970

Due to family chaos, Gregg and I lived with our brother, Glenn, in Deerfield Beach during the 1968
school year. Since I was a senior, I was allowed to finish at BRHS, but Gregg was forced to attend
Pompano High School in Broward County. He then attended Walter Johnson high school in
Bethesda, MD, for a year, and finished up at Florida Central Academy in Sorrento, FL. Gregg and I
always shared rooms together growing up and we had a very close sibling relationship as time went
on. Soon after high school, he became a medic in the U.S. Army. Gregg went to medic school in San
Antonio, Texas and spent most of the time during his hitch at the Presidio in San Francisco. After
the service, Gregg became a U.S. Postal Service letter carrier and lived down in Naples, FL.

Unfortunately, we lost Gregg due to an illness back in February of 1996 when he was only 43. He
was the godfather to our son, Patrick. Gregg often talked about two of his best friends... Teddy
Mann and Tom Stevens (both class of 1970), and I'm sure he would have liked to have touched
base with them prior to his passing on.

Gregg left behind his wife, Marj from Naples, Florida and his lovely daughter, Tiffany, who now
resides in Pennsylvania.

Miss you bro'!

Gary Garvin - Class of 68
Beth Frambach
Class of 1970

I'm not sure that I'll be able to say all that's in my heart right now, but with God's help, hopefully
the words will come. My purpose in writing is not to say "Goodbye", because you will always be
near us,  but to share with you once again how much you impacted all who knew and loved you!
Just like the red rose you held so dear, you were our breath of fresh air. Your beauty was beyond
never faltering from within! And- when you smiled, we all smiled with you! The love
you gave was so rich and so real. How fortunate for all of us!
Your talents were unending, Beth. I remember how surprised you were when I told you not long
ago how much I always wished I could to the many things that came so naturally to you - like
paint beautiful pictures- or sing like a bird and play the piano by ear. What about swing a golf club
with grace and excellent form- and then be able to watch the ball fall right where you inteded it to.
We won't even talk about blue tees!!! Golf- that's one talent I'll have to work on for along time I'm
The flowers you arranged were always perfect, just as the wonderful gourmet meals you created
with excitement and enthusiasm. You shared all this so willingly  Beth- and never expected
anything in return. There's no way to describe how proud we always were.
Another thing I'll bet you didn't realize is your ability to make others happy remains unmatched.
Your laughter was
so contagious. I- for one- will always see the twinkle in your eyes that came
before the jokes and stories you shared.
You gave of yourself, Bethy! To Mother, you were a beautiful daughter, unique in your own
special way. To Hope and Chad you shared heart with your deep love and talents, your beauty
and your sensitive nature. As my sister, you've been an inspiration in many ways. I never
questioned your unconditional love and I treasure the hugs, the tears and all the wondrfull
memories we've shared. To your nieces - you showed them the meaning of having fun and not
taking everything in life too seriously. And to your many, many friends- you shared your zest for
life and showed all of us who were privileged to know you what "being real" is about.
In closing, I want to thank you for the many ways you enriched all of our lives. I also thank God
for sharing you with us, because in my heart you were an angel on this Earth. You did your job
well! The love you shared will
never die and the beautiful song that is you will live in our hearts
Peace be with you, my dear sister. Promise me one thing- now that you are soaring with the angels
in Heaven, that you will smile that radiant smile forever and tell only the clean jokes.
Love Forever,

Cindy Frambach Minton - Class of 68
Stephen C. Vail
Class of 1969

I was saddened to hear of Steve's passing. He was always a nice and outgoing guy as I remember
him. Back in 1971, my wife and I were visiting Boca while on leave from the Navy. Steve, and pal  
George Wentworth, were very cordial and courteous upon meeting Fran and they really made her
feel welcome. Just prior to our returning north, we ran into Steve and George at a mall in Pompano
That was the last time I saw him.

Steve is featured in Hollywood Connections in Nostalgia City stacked up to Eric Stolz and Danny
Partridge ... and frankly, any time I see either actor, I do think of Steve.

Rest well my friend.

Gary Garvin - Class of 1968
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