"Rather than mourn the absence of the flame,
let us celebrate how brightly it burned."
Dennis Lalli
Class of 1967

Dennis was, and is, my best friend. We were joined at the hip since the second grade. Everyone
knew that to find one, you only had to find the other. We were lucky. Our love for each other only
grew stronger the older we got. Our lives didn't go along the same paths after we became adults and
we separated for a while. But, as to be expected, we came together again. And it was as if we had
never spent a day apart.

Dennis virtually ran the emergency room at JFK Hospital. He was so excellent at what he did.
Everyone had been touched by him in one manner or another. He gave everything and expected
nothing back. Just as he had done for me. He was a very private person. Not many really knew all
the facets of his life and personality. The outpouring of love and grief after he died was
overwhelming to me. I knew how much I loved him, but had not realized how much so many
others had loved him as well.

My life was changed because of Dennis. He was my soul mate. He remains, along with my
parents,the single most important person in my life. He never judged me but gave me his pure,
simple love. I will miss him the rest of my life.

Diane Borchardt - Class of 67
Verna Fleischman Prout
Class of 1966

Oh God it hurts so much,
I miss her touch
Why did she have to go?
My heart wants to know
I know she's safe with you
It's me who's lonely so
I give her up to you
Will you walk me through?
Will you keep me safe
Till I reach that heavenly place?
I pray you will
But I will miss her still
And I will love her always
For we were born together
So shall we come together
When this life passes me
I shall come to be
With her again
For all eternity

Joann Fleischman Schimpf
Twin sister to
Verna Fleischman Prout
Class of 1966
I ran into Dennis many years ago at JFK Hospital .  He was an Emergency Room nurse..and as
always quite a character!!!!

We had a good time remembering some mutual friends  from High School. He looked and acted like
he was content with his life and happy in his work.  I think I will remember him just like that!

Kathy Maddox Southards - Class of 1967
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Dedications and Memorials
Angela Dagata (Pence)
Class of 1966

Angela was a highly valued and beloved member of our Adult Education staff for almost 18 years.
She managed the day time GED program at the Train Depot here in Boca, and worked on the main
campus several evenings each week. Her students in both programs adored her. She had patience
and such a caring heart. We miss for so.

In memory of Angela we have established a GED scholarship fund. We often encounter deserving
students who find paying the $70.00 testing fee to be a challenge. Now, thanks to some of Angela's
friends and family members, these students will be assisted. I believe this would have pleased
Angela greatly.

If anyone is interested in contributing to this fund, please make the check payable to: Boca Raton
Community High School

Please send to:      
Boca Raton Community High School
                             1501 N.W. 15th Court
                             Boca Raton, Fl. 33486
Dr. Cheryl Lombard

Cheryl Lombard. Ed.D.
Assistant Principal
Boca Raton Community High School
PX 4-1420