"Rather than mourn the absence of the flame,
let us celebrate how brightly it burned."
Brenda Connor Mozingo
Class of 1971

We tragically lost one of our classmates, Brenda Connor Mozingo, in September 1991. She was
murdered by her husband, and had been working with us on the reunion at that time, which hit
us all hard. At the Reunion, Jane Fitzpatrick Antol had written the following poem:

Your smile is not here,
Yet we see it in others,
Your zest for life has vanished,
But we feel it around us
The "Word" that you shared
Has been passed on in faith,
And the love is with those you left behind
Reunions are for remembering the good times,
We'll remember you with fondness and friendship
'Till we meet again.

Brenda left behind two daughters who (have been)  raised by her brother Cecil Connor.

Cindy Milholland Lee Davis
William E. Schmid
Class of 1971

I was a friend of Bill's for approximately 20 years and attended his funeral. We met shortly after
his family moved down from New York and had many good times together along with his
brother Lee. The morning following his graduation in 1971, Bill in his Camaro, and, I on my
Honda CB450, left for the north. Bill and I followed each other all the way up to New Jersey
where he ended up heading for Long Island and I stayed at an Aunt's house on the Jersey shore.

I had just gotten out of 11th grade at the time so the trip was truly a big one! I remember him
well and think of him often.
How nice it would be to pick up the phone again and say hello...

Bill Tuers
Class of 1972
Jennifer Raynal
Class of 1970

Jen was in Chorus with me- (and I don't even know what grade, but
seems to me it was something like Junior High, as she was young and
not yet Miss Boca High or anything), and she sat in front of me. We
used to talk and laugh like buddies, and she had this Snoopy stuff she
always drew. I think that she had it on her notebook cover. But I
started to draw them too. Did she teach me, per se? I'm not sure at this
point in time. Memories sure do fade, the details anyhow. But that
was her drawing, and I'll bet anyone else who knew her would likely
remember that. She just drew it SO WELL... I remember her
handwriting- she wrote really pretty. She struck me as an artistic
person at that time. What really is amazing is how much I have drawn
that dog over the years, working with kids in schools especially, and
every time I have drawn it I have thought of her!

Ellen Wymbs
Class of 71
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