"Rather than mourn the absence of the flame,
let us celebrate how brightly it burned."
Bonnie Genser Derr
Class of 1966

Bonnie Genser Derr died of breast cancer in October 1981 at the age of 33. After graduation as
Salutatorian of the Class of '66, she attended Katherine Gibbs School in New York City. She
was then hired as a secretary for the "Captain Kangaroo" television show, and was Bob
Keeshan's personal assistant for a number of years. She also enjoyed singing with the choir at
St. Bartholemew's Church in New York City. In 1976 she married Amandus Derr, a Lutheran
minister with a parish in New Jersey. They had a son in 1978,who was only three years old at
the time of her death.

 I have lost touch with Bonnie's husband and son, and do not know where they are now. During
my years at Westminster (Choir College in Princeton NJ) she and I would see each other
frequently, either for musical or theatre events in the City, or she would come down to
Princeton to see my plays.

Sheila Sheffield
Linda Shipp
Class of 1969

I was saddened to see how many of our fellow classmates have passed on. We sometimes
forget just how short and precious life is. One that particularly put things in perspective was
Linda Shipp; she always had a smile, nice, friendly.....

Remember Me In The Fall

Do not weep I am here
In the cool breeze that blows past your ear
The chill upon your cheek
Do not cry or be meek, be strong not weak
Do not weep, I am not dead
Tears for me do not shed
The mortal grave is not my bed
In the cool clear fall of the year
Do not weep, I am near
Listen close, in the wind you may hear
To this mortal earth I do not cleave
I have gone to heaven, taken my leave

Edward "Tommy" Thompson
Richard Vranizan
Class of 1968

I wish I could tell you the color of his eyes. They were so blue, a deep blue, like a sapphire or
the ocean. I wish you could hear his voice, the velvet voice my sister-in-law used to call it. I
thought it was a warm, rich voice, a smooth voice, a baritone. As you can see by the pictures in
the gallery that I sent to be posted, when we were dating he was in good shape, running every

Time really plays tricks on you. I'd have sworn Rich and I dated for many, many years, but the
truth is, we dated for a relatively short period of time, from 1970 to 1972. My fondest
memories of those days, besides the obvious ones of being with Rich are- when his Mom would
make a huge pan of chicken and rice, with "secret ingredients", one of which was cinnamon; on
occasion lobster was sent from Boston,what a feast! While Rich was in Germany, his Mom
invited me over to their house to watch Yellow Submarine with her.

I have missed him, over the years. Occasionally he would call my Mother, just to chat,which I
always found very touching. During our last conversation, he could talk of nothing but his girls
and how much they meant to him. When my Mother called and told me his daughter died after
being thrown from her horse, she and I were both numb. I can't tell you how hard it was for my
Mother to call me and tell me of Richard's death. I can't tell you how I felt then nor can I tell
you how I feel now. It's just so incredibly hard to believe.

Susan Hodges
Paul Allen Moore, Jr.
Class of 1967

When I first came to Boca in 1965, I moved across the street from the Moores.
When I met Paul I was extremely unhappy about being in Florida !!!!  Paul and his brother
Ronnie were the first friends I made.  Paul took it upon himself to brighten my summer.

He was such a "good guy" and over the years I lost touch with him.  I missed him at our 20th
reunion, and was extremely saddened to hear of his death.  I had heard from his parents of his
illness, but never thought it would take him.  I will always remember his  ready smile and his
good heart!

Kathy Maddox Southards - Class of 1967
Linda Shipp, another sweet girl I'll remember forever. We all hung out at the Pavilion and
North Beach, too. Janet, Colleen, Linda, Rusty and more- Sandy Burke, Sandy Briggs- all
being teenagers, getting tans, having a ball- not a care in the world!

Chuck (Ray) Parker- Class of 68
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