"Rather than mourn the absence of the flame,
let us celebrate how brightly it burned."
Janet P. Boldizar
Class of 1968

Janet died April 28, 1992, of cancer..  From the Queen of Kickball during Recess at J.C.
Mitchell Elementary School, to Homecoming Queen at Boca High, Janet was always admired,
loved, and respected by everyone blessed enough to know her. We lived in the same
neighborhood and went to the same schools for many years, and Janet was truly a special
person. She was kind, fun, intelligent, and spirited as well as beautiful. She was the embodiment
of so many of the finest qualities a person can have! I feel very fortunate to have seen her and
given her a big hug at the 20th Reunion of the Class of '68 back in 1988!

After High School, she went on to achieve the kind of success we all predicted would be in her
future. She attended the University of Florida, and the University of California at Santa Barbara.
She earned scholarships, awards, was recognized for her contributions in the fields of
developmental psychology, child development, social psychology and sociology. She earned the
first doctoral degree in psychology ever awarded at FAU. She was a beloved wife, mother,
daughter, sister, aunt and friend; taken from us too soon.

Janet's mother was kind enough to send me a copy of the newspaper article about Janet's PhD,
and her obituary, as well as the picture.

Kathy Chenoweth Huber
William (Bill) Tyson
Class of 1968

I was saddened to hear that Bill had passed on years ago. I don't know how or why, but I do
know this. When I first moved to Boca Raton, Bill was the FIRST to take me under his wing.
Being the new kid on the block isn't always easy, but Bill made it easy. Christmas Eve, 1965, he
drove up into my family's driveway with his NEW Suzuki 80... I then popped my new "used"
Honda 90 out of the garage, and then we went riding for a long time that day and many days to
come. We became really good pals.

And Bill, how can I forget my 16th birthday? When I opened the door, you in a  smirking
fashion, handed me the May issue of Playboy, something which a 16-year-old would normally
relish, but right in front of my MOTHER! I'll never forget that grin beaming on your face. That
was a good one!

Bill, my friend, wherever you are...
I wish you the best! You will be missed.

Gary Garvin
Fall of 1991
Pete Blum
Class of 1968

I met Pete Blum at my first varsity football practice when I came to Boca High in 1966. Pete
was a tough, hard hitting player with a grin like a Cheshire cat. On weekends he was always one
to host get-togethers at home or on Boca Lake in his ski boat.

I remember one weekend partying on his boat with Mike, Rusty, and Harry. Pete thought he
had the boat well tied to a pine tree on Capone Island. We all dozed off after a hard afternoon of
skiing. Later we were awakened by the Hillsboro Bridge tender's horn alerting us to the fact we'd
become  and were afloat in the Intracoastal Waterway.

Pete lived on the edge of excitement and those around him could feel the energy he projected. He
rallied the football team in the '67 game against Seacrest but against overwhelming numbers we
lost. Pete faded from my life after leaving BRHS and later I was saddened to hear of his abuse of
alcohol. At the time of his passing he left behind a lovely family. I am thankful for the brief time
I knew Pete and I'll always remember that grin.

John B. Sparling
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