The Dating Game
Prom photos? Pictures of "steadies", casual daters... anything! This is the
place to re-live the social scene!
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Martin Tischler and
Kathy Chenoweth Huber
(both class of 1968)
decked out for the 1968 senior prom.
Bob Rice and
Marja Mars Mandell
(both class of 1968)
on the way to the 1967 prom.
Gary Garvin (class of 1968)
and Laurae Sturm (class of 1969)
attending the 1967 prom at the
Boca Raton Hotel and Club.
Sue Hodges (class of 1968)
prior to being picked up by
her date for the 1968 prom.
Ellen Wymbs Crouse (class of 1971)
and Buddy Dawson (class of 1972)
attending the 1971 prom.
John Sparling (68), Cindy Stone (69),
Hallie Tager (68) and Harold Maull (68)
attended the 1968 Senior Prom
Lin Adams Hurley (class of 1969)
and Dana Dodge (class of 1967)
attending the 1967 prom.
Lin and Lee
1968 Prom
Lin and Pete
1969 Prom
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Chuck Hill and Priscilla Preston
(Class of 1969)
1968 Prom
Ray Deckard ('68) and his girl friend Josie ('71)
during the 1971 prom.
Elissa Stein, of New York City, is putting together a
book on style and fashion in regard to proms during the
'40s through '70s era. She was very impressed with the
photos on this page and would like to invite any of you
to participate by having your photos published in her
book ... due, I believe, during the spring of 2005.
Wallet-size or larger photos are all that are necessary,
and Elissa promises that they will be returned in
excellent condition. I'm looking through my photos in
hopes of coming up with one or two of mine.

Please feel free to contact Elissa by clicking here!