July 1, 2000
Boca High reunion now online
Alumni find old friends, reminisce at new Web
In the late 1960's, the newly opened Boca Raton High School was a city gem; a
shining, modern facility in a dusty seaside town.

Every local teenager attended the school. On the weekends they hit the beach and
hung out at "Teen Town," a local hot spot featuring garage bands playing top 40
tunes at top volume.

Alumni remember the era well.

"It was a really fun time," said Kathy Huber, who graduated from Boca High in
1968. "Living in Boca was great. It was like being on vacation all the time."

Classmate Gary Garvin agreed. "It was a simpler time. Not much was built up,"
he said. "The school looked like it was in the middle of a dessert. You had to
travel a quarter mile from the last development to get to it."

Much may have changed since Huber and Garvin were students at Boca Raton's
oldest high school, but one newly-created website pays tribute to those bygone

Boca High's official "virtual reunion" website, launched today, is the place to go
for reminiscing. The site, created by Huber and Garvin and located at is designed for Boca High alums from the
classes of 1966 through 1971. It features yearbook pictures, updates on
classmates and an extensive alumni directory.

"We're really pushing to find people," said Huber, now of Tennessee. Already,
around 150 alumni have been located, she said.

Garvin and Huber decided to construct the site when no 30th reunion was held
for the class of 1968. They located each other after Garvin posted a Boca High
page on another site, Planet Alumni, and soon decided to try finding others.

"I have been in contact with people I have not seen or talked to in over 30 years.
It's just like the old days!" said Huber.

"We have had wonderful feedback," said Garvin. "I don't think we've heard one
negative comment from anybody yet."

In addition to the yearbook photos the site includes a section for current pictures
of alumni and their families and a "Nostalgia City" section, commemorating Jolly
Burger, Corky's Pizza, and other long-gone businesses that advertised in the
yearbooks. There is also a page for memorials and dedications and, of course, an
alumni directory.

Access to the website is free. Garvin and Huber hope their only payment will
come in the form of the names of still un-located alumni.

"We would love to hear from relatives or anyone with leads," said Huber.

While constructing the site has been time consuming, Garvin, now a Maryland
resident and a graphic designer by profession, said the effort has been worthwhile.

"I found someone who I have actively been looking for twelve years," he said.
"The whole project has really been cool."

"We have such great memories. I think everyone involved is getting something
out it," said Huber. "Boca was a great place to grow up."

Susanna Laurenti is a staff writer for the Boca Raton News. Her aunt,
Stephanie Klein was in the Boca Raton High School 1968 graduating class.