We are the Bobcats, mighty mighty Bobcats, everywhere we go, people want to
know, who we are, so we tell them.

Boca Raton High School has been around long enough now that some people
complain it is shabby and obsolete, and should be torn down and rebuilt or

On the other hand, some people remember when Boca High was shiny and
new, and the pride of a small but growing city.

Kathy Chenoweth Huber does. So does Gary Garvin.

The two Class of 1968 graduates have started a "Virtual Reunion" web site at
www.geocities.com/garvoon. While the site is still a work-in-progress with a
projected opening date of July 1, there is plenty of neat stuff already there.

The home page is titled Boca Raton High School Bobcats Alumni The Early
Years: 1966-71, but Bobcats of all ages are encouraged to visit. After a warm
welcome to boomer Bobcats, there are sections on Alumni Yearbooks, a Photo
Album with then-and-now shots, Reunions, Nostalgia City, which shows
former landmarks like University Bowl, Jolly Burger and a Boca before
developer build-out. Other topics are Looking For Friends, Dedications and
Memorials, Alumni Links and a Drop Us a Line appeal.

Garvin, a onetime bassist for Things of Our Generation who is now serving his
29th year in the U.S. Navy Department (currently senior designer in a
multi-media office in Laurel, Maryland), was chagrined to learn in February,
1999 there was no Boca High site on Planet Alumni (
http://www.planetalumni.com/ ).

Garvin created a web page and was almost immediately contacted by Kathy
Chenoweth Huber, a musician, graphic designer and marketing professional
who had been trying to contact alumni from her home in Tennessee near
Knoxville. With Chenoweth's help, Garvin began building the site in April of this
year, and continues to actively solicit input.

"If you have old photos, memories, stories- anything about the great times in
Boca, just let us know," says Garvin. "There are already around 130 members
on the Planet Alumni BRHS site, so there is a lot of interest."

While Huber refuses to live in the past, she cherishes her time in Boca.

"If you visit the Planet Alumni site, you'll see there's a lot of ongoing chats
about what it was like growing up in Boca in the 'old days,' says Huber. "One
of our alumni has an 'Africa USA' site. Another has a BRHS Band Alumni site.
Those of us who lived in Boca in the late 50s through the early 70s were so
fortunate. Boca was really a great place to grow up in, and I have very happy
memories of those years.

All the folks who are 'at the reunion' are very enthusiastic about our BRHS
experiences and Boca in general. No matter how far we have roamed (and we
are really scattered), we all have a piece of Boca inside us."

Kathy Chenoweth Huber can be reached directly at
June 25, 2000
Boca High School alumni can
have virtual reunion online